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Buyer’s Guide to Finding the Best Kitchen Knife Block Sets

top rated kitchen knife block set

Hello everyone, Today I will be providing information on the best kitchen knife set. There are so many sets out on the market, it can be hard and overwhelming to know which knife set to choose. Granted some people will just grab the cheapest set, I argue that selecting a solid, and cost-effective kitchen knife set […] Read More

The Complete Buying Guide to Picking the Best Carving Knife

Find awesome carving knives

Today I will be covering carving knives; you have probably tried carving a turkey or ham to find that your knife that you're using sucks and the cuts are not clean. Well don't worry, I hope to help you find a solid carving knife to get the job done, right.   Up first is the […] Read More

Knives of Alaska Alpha Wolf Supergrip Combo Review

Knives of Alaska Alpha Wolf Supergrip Combo Review

Up for review are the Knives of Alaska Alpha Wolf Supergrip Combo: a superb combo that is well worth the money. Metal consist of D2 Steel Combo includes the Alpha Wolf D2 Knife and the Cub Bear Knife Beautiful leather sheath included Razor sharp out of the box Riveted handle Suregrip (hard rubber) handle They are sharp […] Read More

Atomic Aquatics Titaniums Scuba Diving Knife review

  First things first, Atomic Aquatics is a very good company that craft superior dive knives. They have been in the knife making business for a while now and it definitely shows with the Titanium Ti6. It's lightweight and versatile due to being serrated and plain edged and makes for a great companion for any […] Read More

The Best Boning Knife the Market Has to Offer

best boning knife

Boning knives are what you typically use after you carve your meat; for instance if you are carving a turkey you would use the boning knife to clean the rest of the meat off of the bone. Boning knives typically... Are semi-Flexible About 5-6.5" Have very narrow blade Have a sharp point and if high quality will […] Read More

Review of the Columbia River Ken Onion Skinning Knife

We really like the CRKT Ken Onion skinning knife; it's simple, sharp and efficient at slicing (there's a reason why we listed it as one of the best skinning knives for the money). Columbia River was established in Oregon of the year 1994; from then they have been known to create very good knives for prices […] Read More