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5 of the Best Oyster Knives to Instantly Shuck Oysters

best oyster knife

If you are someone like me who loves oysters then an oyster knife is important to have because it will make it a much better eating experience.

I have built a comprehensive list of some of the best oyster knives I could find. However, let’s explore a few things to keep in mind when choosing an oyster knife…

  1. Is it produced with high quality materials or did the manufacturer take the easy route?
  2. Is it designed ergonomically? This will make your oyster shucking experience much smoother and quicker.
  3. Does it have good reviews? Trust me… Stick with what others recommend.

If you are new to shucking oysters, then I highly suggest that you watch the video below on how to shuck oysters; some of these oyster knives require skill and practice, I don’t want you to get hurt and I am sure you don’t either.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t pry oysters open with brute force, rather you should get the right angles for opening up your oysters. Hopefully the video up above helps you out!

Now let’s move onto the the list of the greatest oyster knives I could find for you!

Comprehensive Buyers Guide for the Best Oyster Knives

OXO Good Grips Oyster Knife


Slip resistant handle is very comfortable and the blade is strong enough to pierce open the clam/oyster shell with confidence.” – Amazon Reviewer

First up is the OXO oyster knife; a sturdy stainless steel knife that won’t fall apart after 100 uses. What I really like about this oyster knife is that it has a soft grip, which is great if spend hours shucking oysters.

It has about a 3 inch blade, which means it won’t be to bulky in your hand and it will be long enough to get the job done. Definitely one of the best oyster knives out there.

Victorinox Oyster Knife Hooked Tip Blade with SuperGrip Handle

It easily slips into the outer edge of the oyster shell and the curved tip makes for easy shucking.” – Amazon Reviewer

Victorinox is the producer of the Swiss army knife, which means that they are known for quality. This oyster knife falls nothing short of top-notch; it has a 2-3/4″ high-carbon blade (you can get a 3 inch blade as well) that is hooked, which will help you speed up shucking time. I like the high-carbon because it tends to be more resilient to rusting compared to stainless steel.

Not only will the hook tip help with shucking time, but will also reduce potential danger to you because you can efficiently and safely scoop out the oyster. Although, as mentioned above you should practice your oyster shucking skills in order efficiently shuck oysters.

I like the grip of this oyster knife because it is ergonomically shaped to fit well into your hand; compared to the straight handles, I find that the curved handles tend to fit more comfortably. This is a major bonus especially if you are shucking oysters for the day, or for even a few hours.

Dexter-Russell – 2.75″ New Haven Style Oyster Knife


It a well crafted and extremely well designed.” – Amazon Reviewer

A very clean and to the point oyster knife; the Dexter-Russel has a Grip-Tex handle which allows for comfort and excellent grip, no more having to worry about your oyster knife slipping out of your hand when it’s wet.

I really like this oyster knife because it is crafted from a high-carbon steel and is formed into a round tip blade as well as the Victorinox. However, I don’t like that it is a plain white, personally I like a little color in my kitchen.

Either way, it’s a straight to the point oyster knife that will get the job done for you. A lot of people love it, and I think you would too. Go ahead and try it out!

Winco Oyster/Clam Knife


The knife is well built, solid, and good looking. The knife blade is strong and easy to clean” – Amazon Reviewer

What I really like about the Winco oyster knife is that it has a hand guard; perfect for anyone who is a beginner at shucking oysters, or for someone who doesn’t want to worry about accidentally hurting themselves.

The blade is 3 inches and is 2.0 mm thick, giving the blade qualities of endurance so that it doesn’t break easily. I do like the wood handle; gives the knife a classic feel to it instead of the plastic.

Overall, a good oyster knife and not hard on your wallet at all. I highly recommend this oyster/clam knife to rookies in the shucking skill set!

Norpro Grip-EZ Clam and Oyster Knife

This Norpro is a great oyster knife to have; low price, but high quality which is awesome for you being you can get this knife without feeling like you are getting jipped.

I like that it has a hand guard, this is a great feature for rookies! I also like that it has a loop which means you could hang it some where or even tie it on your belt if you are out on a boat and are needing to shuck oysters on the job or at sea.

I don’t care for that it has a straight handle, but it does have Grip-Ez which helps with keeping traction between your hand and the knife; this is especially a great feature due to if your hands are wet, you don’t have to worry about it slipping out of your hand.

Lastly though, this knife is ergonomically designed to fit very well in your hand whether you are left or right handed.

Wrap Up

Any of these oyster knives would make for a great match for you; however my favorite choice is the Victorinox Oyster Knife Hooked Tip Blade with SuperGrip Handle. It just has a superb feel to it, and it isn’t too hard on your wallet, making it the best value for your dollar.

Lastly, I posted a video above to help with showing you how to shuck an oyster (in case you don’t know how or are a rookie at shucking) but I also wanted to post a link to a guide to it as well. You can check out the guide to shucking oysters here; it’s straight and to the point, and if needed you can print it off.

Cheers and hope this guide helps you out with finding your next oyster knife!

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  • Top picks are the Oxo–unfortunately not available in Australia, and the Dexter.
    Forget the rest.
    The Oxo does many species and had best grip . The dexter handles flat oysters easily

    • Thanks for the comment. I threw in the other ones because I wanted to give variety of some decent shuckers, but I agree the Oxo and Dexter are the best. Sorry to hear that Australia doesn’t have access to the Oxo’s, but thanks for the comment! 🙂

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