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Knife Supremacy

About Us

We are a website dedicated to finding all info about knives and all topics about knives.

Mission 1: Provide Value Through Informative, Engaging Content

This is our primary goal, it’s the thing we do best, and it’s what allowed us to gain any traction at all in the first place. The content is all about you, and providing amazing value for you!

Mission 2: Provide Value Hands-On Reviews of Knives & Knife Sharpeners

Our reviews are written by people who have used the products. We have had the good fortune to get some awesome samples from companies around the world, but in many cases, we purchase products ourselves. The idea is that we don’t want to write one word without having actually used this stuff, so that you know exactly what you’re getting way before you ever decide to buy something.

Mission 3: (In Progress) Provide Value By Selling Top-Tier Knives & Knife Sharpeners

It really comes down to this… do you want a knife that is dull or a knife that is sharp? And that it will last a lifetime. That is why we usually don’t promote any knives that are $10-$20. We believe in only the best.

If you have any questions ask away below!


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