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And the Best Boot Knife is…

best boot knife

If you are an outdoor sports enthusiast or you love to hike, and you are having trouble finding a boot knife, then you have come to the right place. Boot knives are very useful if you are outdoors and are needing something in case you get caught on something, or you end up having to use it for survival reasons.

Boot knives are extremely useful, and are great to have whenever you are out and about during hiking, hunting, camping or anything that involves you being outdoors and potentially in survival situations. So let’s see which is the best boot knife.

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KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Corps Boot Knife

best boot knife

The USMC boot knife is one the highest quality boot knives you can grab, it is designed to slice and dice just about anything and was originally designed for US soldiers in WWII. This is the epitome of what a great boot knife is.

Let’s get down to it, the blade is created from 1095 Cro-van steel which is one of the most popular steels from KA-BAR because every inch is extremely sharp and is durable. The blade is manufactured to be corrosion-resistant and is meant to last for a long and able to cut through just about anything. If you need a knife that can cut debris or ropes, then this is the one for you.

But what about the grip? The oval-shaped handle is compressed with leather washers onto the tang, shaping and coloring them, and then fastening them on with a pinned-on butt cap. This gives the knife a supreme quality of shaping your hand around the handle and giving it the original look of the knives that were created back in WWII.

Lastly, it does come with a leather sheath so that you can strap it to your boot, of course that is why it is a boot knife. ha. Otherwise it would be a regular ole’ knife.

KA-BAR Boot/Utility Serrated Edge Knife

best boot knives


As compared to it’s counterpart above, what is nice about this KA-BAR Boot knife is that it has a serrated knife, making it a better knife for cutting through rope, cords or vines. It fits very well in your hand and wouldn’t leave a doubt in your mind that it can slice through just about anything.

But wait, what about the blade? How sharp is it? The KA-BAR boot/utility knife is one of the sharpest knives in the tool shed, because it is crafted from 1095 Cro-van steel giving it supreme qualities of being sharp, and lasting for a long time. I mean, what’s a knife worth if it cannot cut through anything, or if it breaks easily? Nobody likes a brittle knife.

Holy crap Batman, this knife’s grip is amazing! It is sturdy and is reported to be one of the best feeling grips out there. Just as the USMC boot knife above, it is crafted from compressing leather washers onto the tang, and then from their it is capped with a butt cap. I wouldn’t ever worry about the knife falling out of your hand, because you should be able to wrap your hand the grip very easily and comfortably.

In all reality this knife would be a great knife to add to your boot knife collection and in general is a top quality knife. The serrated edge is a plus as well, and is not a knife to be overlooked.

Cold Steel Recon Tanto Kraton

Cold Steel Recon Tanto Kraton Boot Knife

Personally, I think this is one of the coolest looking knives out there. The tanto style gives it a nuance that it will mess stuff up, and the grip is unique in a way that it is dimpled giving you a feeling of that you can cut through anything with it. It is Japanese made, so if you are one to only support US created blades then this isn’t good for you, but I personally love the style of Japanese knives.

First things first, the blade is crafted from AUS 8A stainless steel which makes it sharp and one of the ultimate knives for cutting through anything. Need to cut through a cord? No problem. And according to Cold Steel who produces the Tanto, it is “well on it’s way to being used by SWAT teams and special military units.” So if they trust it that much for professional use, then it would be a great knife for you!

Hold on, what about the stability? The knife is ergonomically shaped to pull out of your boot easily without catching onto anything. Granted it does come with a Secure-Ex sheath which allows for quick, and smooth access to your knife. Don’t worry about accidentally cutting yourself or dropping it. It does have a Kraton handle as well, which is dimpled to align well with your hand.

Overall, this is a beast of a knife and is a great investment, because it doesn’t require a ton of maintenance and can slice through just about anything.

Columbia River AG Russell Sting Boot Utility Knife

best survival knife

The Columbia River boot knife is a top contender as well, and is less expensive compared to the other knives… which makes me wonder if you will sacrifice some quality, because less expensive knives tend to be less quality than more expensive knives. However after reviewing this knife, it is a top notch knife, which you can get a big bang for your buck.

Is it sharp or not? Oh you can bet your silver dollar the Columbia River boot knife is sharp. The blade is constructed from 1050 carbon steel (which is a top quality metal) giving the Columbia River boot knife extreme sharpness and durability. It can slice through fabric, wood (nothing too thick) cables and when throw in tile it sticks in pretty deep. So I wouldn’t worry about it not being sharp, however you will need to maintenance this knife every now and then… depending upon how much you use, could be every day to once a month.

The grip of the knife is pretty good, due to the design of the grip being a contoured integral handle, which allows your hand to feel as though there is nothing in your hand. I am not kidding, it is so lightweight and small that it will feel like you are barely holding anything… well until you accidentally poke yourself. ha.

Overall the Columbia River is good quality, and is not a knife to be trifled with. I would consider though, that if you like bigger knives that you choose a different one, because it is a smaller boot knife.

Schrade SCHF1SM Extreme Survival One-Piece Steel Special Forces Boot Knife

best survival boot knives

Last but not least is the Schrade boot knife, which is another top contender as being the best boot knife, because it is not only a knife, but in the butt of the knife contains a screwdriver as well, which actually makes it almost a utility knife as well.

Hold on, let me tell you about the sharpness… it is a blade crafted from SAE 1070 High Carbon Steel which is a metal known for durability and when shaped the right way sharpness as well. Well the Schrade has both durability and sharpness. This blade is no-nonsense kind of blade… need to cut through some branches? Done. Need to slice through some rope? Done. I’m not kidding, this is a mean cutting machine.

The beauty of this blade, is that the handle is crafted from the same metal as the blade, and is all one piece. Making it so that the handle won’t fall off. How great is that? I always hated when I had a strong knife, but the handle was poorly made. No need to worry about that though with the Schrade boot knife.

Overall, this is a mean cutting machine that should be handled with care. It makes for a great boot knife because it is lightweight, yet deadly sharp.

Wrap up of the Best Boot Knives

Overall these are all good choices, but one of our favorites is the KA-BAR just because of the quality it is produced at along with the price you cannot go wrong.

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