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Wait, We Can Help You Find the Best Knife to Bring While Camping

Top camping knives

You have probably been tirelessly searching for a knife to bring with you while you camp, and man is it hard. So many knives to choose from, and yet you have no clue as to what kind of knife you need to bring.

Well that is why we are here to shed some knowledge on you and give you a glimmer of hope with finding a knife to bring on your camping trip.

These knives are chosen from the following criteria in no specific order…

  • Sharpness
  • Multi-Use AKA Utility?
  • Durability
  • Ability to cut through just about anything

So, what are these knives you are probably asking yourself? Well here they are…

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Kershaw 1660ST Ken Onion Leek Serrated Folding Knife with SpeedSafe

best camping knife

Up first is this beauty of a knife. Kershaw teamed up with the legendary knife maker Ken Onion; he is one of the most sought after knife makers in the world. We promote his knives frequently because they are produced with high quality metals, and are known for their sharpness and durability. The fact that it is a folding knife, makes it very easily to keep in your pocket and out of sight.

How about the blade, is it sharp? Well about as sharp as it gets. The blade is formed from Sandvik 13C26 stainless steel (which is a high grade, hardened, corrosion and wear resistant metal) giving the blade supreme sharpness. What else is nice about the Kershaw is that it has a straight and serrated edge. The serrated edge is great for chewing through cords, wood, grass, anything that needs to be cut down. Although the straight edge is great for slicing through food.

Hold on, what about the durability & stability? This is an important question. A knife that is sharp is only good until the handle breaks. Luckily the handle is formed from 410 stainless steel. Which ultimately means the handle is martensitic (high-strength iron/chromium). Giving the handle high wear & tear resistance but lacks in corrosion resistance. So a word of note, is to not leave it in water or moist areas where it can rust easily. Overall though, the handle is a solid piece of work, and you won’t be losing your grip with it anytime soon.

The handle is produced with locking function called SpeedSafe, which is a system that allows you to open the knife easily without having to use both hands. A great add-on for this already awesome knife. (Word of note, The SpeedSafe system WAS in debate if it were safe or not, but obviously is regulated as safe for people to own.)

Overall the Kersawh KO is a sleek and beautifully designed knife, that is great for all your cutting purposes for camping, ranging from hunting, fishing or just cutting anything open. The main flaw is that the handle lacks in corrosion resistance which makes it prone to rusting in damp/moist areas.

Kershaw Blur Knife with S30V Steel Blade with SpeedSafe

best camping knives

Yes, I know another Kershaw… the reason why I am mentioning this one as well, is because it is a great alternative compared to the Kershaw KO up above, because it is more corrosion resistant than Kershaw KO. On top of that, it has a different design, which if you like the darker look than an all white/steel look this is a great alternative.

Okay, if it so good, what is the metal like? Is it sharp? Yes it is. Since the blade is crafted S30V stainless steel, it has an extremely sharp edge. The main flaw though of the blade, is that it lacks a serrated edge. Serrated edges are better for cutting through things like cords, grass, branches, anything of that sort, because they work best when you push. (You can read more here about plain edges vs. serrated edges) Still though, the plain edge is very sharp and can cut through most things, but we recommend not using it frequently for cutting cords and rope because it ruin the blades durability.

Cool, we know it’ sharp, but can it hold it’s edge? And how stable is it? Since the Kershaw Blur’s handle is crafted with the same SpeedSafe technology as the Kershaw KO, it is a great folding knife. On top of that, the handle has awesome grip because it has trac-tec which helps you with being able to hold your grip even when it is raining or is wet outside. And as mentioned above, since the blade is crafted from S30V stainless steel, it has great durability since the steel is harder and crafted to be more durable than most blades.

Overall, the Kershaw Blur is nicely crafted with an sharp edge that will keep it’s sharpness because of the high quality steel it is made from. The one major flaw, is that it is only a plain edge and does not have a serrated edge. However, it is still a great knife to bring while camping.

Benchmade Griptilian Knife

Top camping knives


Benchmade makes some of the highest quality knives on the market. In fact some people even said that they left Spyderco to become a fan of Benchmade. Now that speaks for itself. The Griptilian is a pretty neat flipper knife, because it comes in different forms, such as the Tanto/combo edge, which will be the one we feature here because it has a plain and serrated edge. (A big plus for camping)

Let’s get down to the knitty gritty, how sharp is it? The blade is crafted from 154CM stainless steel which basically means that it holds it’s edge for a long time and in that sense it makes the blade very durable. However the flaws of the blade is it has lower corrosion resistance, which means you really need to make sure that it does not get left in water or moist areas. It’s a lot like the Kershaw Blur, but the Benchmade corrodes faster since it is made from a very high carbon stainless steel. But we think as long as you keep it dry you should be fine. Overall, the blade is very sharp and is very good if you use it frequently Plus the combination of the serrated and plain edge allows for clean clean cuts (with the plain edge) and also cutting through any debris, cords, ropes that kind of stuff (with the serrated edge).

Well if it corrodes easier, then what is the overall durability of the knife? And how stable is it? Good question. Since it is a flipper knife, we do worry that the flipping mechanism will break. However rest assured that Axis flipping mechanism is crafted from glass-filled nylon handle material with stainless steel liners that makes the handle not only lightweight but also durable. Along with that the grip is textured to allow you to keep your grip even in wettest of weather.

Overall, a very well designed knife that is sharp and durable. However we feel like that because it corrodes easier that it would not be a good match if you live in wet climates. A rusty knife, is a bad knife. However a fix to this would just be to use a knife sharpener on the blade to keep it sharp and clean.

Victorinox Swiss Army Cadet Pocket Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army - Cadet KnifeWe felt the need to add a utility pocket knife, because they do so many different things. And Victorinox makes exceptional Swiss army utility knives. Quick quiz, is the largest producer of pocket knives? Think…… and look here to find out! (Ok it’s Victorinox)

Okay, so we have to judge this knife on a different criteria, because well the knife is a small blade which is sharp, but the main purpose of this tool is to do multiple things, not just cut. So we looked at a few things…

What kind of tools does it have? Well the Victorinox Swiss army knife comes with some cool gadgets that could be useful around your campsite…

  • Need something unscrewed or screwed? Done, it has a small and large screwdriver tip.
  • Need a bottle opened? Finished, has bottle opener
  • Need a wire stripped? Definitely done, it comes with a wire stripper as well.
  • And of course it comes with a pocket knife.

Overall this is a nifty tool, that comes with a stainless steel blade (so nothing special) but does have decent durability. If you choose this one, I wouldn’t expect for the blade to be super sharp, and for it to be an average blade. What you are getting with this is more a multi-tool rather than just a knife. It’s rather inexpensive, and you get what you pay for. Definitely a good little multi-tool to have around the campsite.

5-in-1 Survivor Tech Multi tool Knife

best multitool knife

Last, but certainly not least is the 5-in-1 Survivor Tech. The Survivor Tech is a multi-tool that comes with some features that the Swiss army knife does not. It also has a bigger blade, but can it stand up to being one of the best knives for your campsite? Let’s see.

As mentioned above on the Victorinox, we judge multi-tools different than regular utility knives, because a multi-tool needs to do a lot, and still have a good blade. With the Survivor Tech you get a blade that is formed from 420 stainless steel which gives the blade high resistance against corrosion and wear and tear. This is very useful, because you want a knife that won’t rust, or break when you are using it around your campsite. Ya know?

What kind of features does it have? The Survivor Tech multi-tool comes with…

  • A magnesium rod fire starter; Don’t worry about not being able to start a camp fire
  • Flashlight; It can get dark out in the woods, don’t be left without light again
  • Belt cutter & glass breaker; Who knows, maybe your car tips or something like that and you need to get out

These are the tools that come with it besides the knife. Overall this is a good quality multi-tool knife to have around your campsite. However there have been some complaints that it does not come sharpened out of the box. This can be solved by having a knife sharpener to maximize the sharpness of the blade. Anyways, this is a good quality multi-tool knife that we would recommend having around your campsite!

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