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Need the Best Sushi Knife? Here are the Top 5 Best Sushi Knives!

You have been probably trying to prepare your sushi and have been failing at cutting it, because the blades you get either make the sushi stick to the blade or it doesn’t cut cleanly… or perhaps you are just starting out on your venture to making and cutting sushi. Whichever it is, we are here to help you find the best knife for cutting your sushi.

These knives are great if you are a professional sushi chef, or an amateur at home who just likes to cook sushi on the weekends… which ever it is, these knives will help you with cutting your sushi.

The Most Awesome Buyer Guide to Choosing a Sushi Knife

YOSHIHIRO Shiroko Kasumi Yanagi Sushi Sashimi Chef's Knife $$$$4.9/5
YOSHIHIRO- Shiroko-Kasumi Yanagi Sashimi Chef Knife $$$4.7/5
Shun Pro 8-1/4-Inch Yanagiba Knife $$$$4.5/5
Yoshihiro Cutlery Hammered Damascus Gyuto Knife, 8-Inch $$$4.9/5
YOSHIHIRO Blue Steel Yanagi Kiritsuke Sword Sashimi Sushi Chef Knife $$$$5/5
YOSHIHIRO- Shiro-ko Honyaki Ebony Yanagi Sashimi Chef Knife $$$$$5/5
Non-stick Sushi Chef's Knife $4.2/5
Sekizo Yanagiba Sashimi Knife $3.7/5

What is a Sushi Knife?

You can find a ton of good information about sushi knives by visiting Secrets of Sushi.

Sushi knives were invented roughly around the 14th century, in the great city of Sakai, Japan which is the capital of samurai sword manufacturing and is a city well known for creating high quality blades.

However, the Meiji Restoration made it illegal for samurai swords to be carried by the samurai class. This enabled the turn of events for sushi cutlery to be created to satisfy the demands for blades that could be used and carried.

With this in mind, sushi knives are crafted with high-carbon steel, which gives the blade a superior edge, but can rust easily. On top of that sushi knives are created with a single angle bevel, which makes one side of the edge sharp, and the other flat so that when you cut sushi it leaves it straight cut without ruining the angle for which you cut the sushi. (You can check Secrets of Sushi out for some more info about sushi blades.)

Anyways sushi knives are great for well… sushi. You can learn more about them at Secrets of Sushi which they give an awesome guide to sushi knives and they cover a ton of topics about them here.

With this all in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best sushi knives out there that can be a great fit for you whether you are an amateur or professional sushi chef.

Lastly, I am not going to review such knives like the Yoshihiro- Namiuchi Ao-ko sushi knife because they are literally some of the best sushi knives you can get.

Let’s dive into it!

Top 5 Sushi Knives Review

Any of these are going to be excellent buys for you. However if you are willing to spend a little more cash you will get a superior sushi knife that can slice through your sushi no problem. But we have listed sushi knives that are available for any price point.

Yoshihiro Shiroko Handle Sushi Chef’s Knife

best sushi knife

The Yoshihiro Shiroko is one of the highest quality sushi knives you can have in your cutlery arsenal. Yoshihro is known for creating high quality knives, and this one definitely takes a top ranking for being the best sushi knife.

What makes the Shiroko awesome is the high-carbon steel blade that is thin which allows for extremely fine cuts (sashimi) and can last a long time if you take proper care of them. Unfortunately the main downfall of this knife like the rest is that it can rust easily, however if you hand wash and dry the blade quickly you won’t have to worry about rust.

The blade’s handle is a “Shitan” Rosewood handle affixed with a Water Buffalo horn bolster which gives the handle very good durability and stability. This is a knife that will be able to slice through your sushi easily, without having to sacrifice control. Not to mention it also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Yoshihiro Yanagi Sashimi Chef Knife

top rated sushi knives out thereThe Yoshihiro Yanagi is in the top 5 because it is crafted with top notch quality. On top of that it does come with a limited lifetime warranty, however it is almost like the first Yoshihro but the blade isn’t quite as sharp and it also doesn’t have the rosewood handle.

The blade is crafted from Shiroko White steel High Carbon Steel which gives the blade its sharp quality. However as mentioned at the start it can rust easily because it is a high carbon steel, but this also allows for the rice and sushi ingredients to not stick to the blade. A top notch blade.

Lastly the handle is formed from Magnolia wood (D-Shaped) with a Water Buffalo horn bolster (like the knife above) but the magnolia wood isn’t quite as attractive as the rosewood and if you want something that looks prettier, then stick to the Yoshihro above. In the big picture though, this is still a high quality sushi knife that can be used whether you are an amateur or professional sushi chef.

Shun Pro 8-1/4-Inch Yanagiba Knife

Shun Pro Yanagiba Knife


The intricate designs of Shun Pro is what separates this from the rest of the pack. However don’t be fooled that this knife is all looks and no bronze. The Shun Pro is a premium sushi knife that comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

What about the sharpness? Well a sushi knife would be no good if it were not sharp… Luckily the Shun Pro is a knife made with sharpness in mind. The blade is crafted from VG-10 “super steel” (basically means the blade has a high-grade of quality) and has impeccable sharpness. As the rest of the blades here it is a single-bevel angle blade which allows for it to cut consistently and cleanly.

Hold on, what about durability and stability? Glad you asked. The Shun Pro’s handle is crafted from Pakkawood that is d-shaped giving the handle the straightedge look and strength. Although you should only use a whetstone to sharpen this knife, which means you have to know how to manually sharpen your knife.

Overall, a high quality knife that is made to last and cut through your sushi without any problems.

Yoshihiro Cutlery Hammered Damascus Gyuto Knife

Yoshihiro Cutlery Hammered Damascus Gyuto KnifeAnother top notch sushi knife with a little flare to it is the Yoshihiro Hammered Damascus, which is crafted from 16 Layers of VG-10 Hammered Damascus giving the knife it’s unique look, durability and sharpness.

As mentioned the blade is crafted from 16 layers of VG-10 Damascus steel which makes the knife extremely sharp. However the one downfall is that it is double edged and not High-carbon can be a hassle with rice, however people have reported that it is pretty good about not having food stick to it.

Wait a minute, is it durable and stable? Yes it is! The fact that it is crafted from 16 layers of VG-10 Damascus steel makes it extremely durable and holds it’s edge very well. And the handle is formed from mahogany wood which gives it strength, stability and the nice reddish/brown finish on the handle.

Overall the Yoshihiro Gyuto is an excellent sushi knife, however it worries us that because it is not high-carbon and it is double edged that it may be more sticky than the rest of the other knives.


good sushi knife

Last but certainly not least is the Narihira Fujitora long chef knife, a double-beveled Japanese chef knife that can slice through your sushi without a problem. Although since it is double edged we worry that it could make the cuts not as clean… lets take a deeper look.

The sharpness of the Narihira is pretty good saying that it is about $60. The blade is crafted from a high carbon steel which will prevent rice, or sushi from sticking to your blade. Which is very important because being a sushi chef is all about being precise with your cuts. Anyways a great blade with good sharpness that will last.

On top of that, the durability and stability of the Narihira is balanced from the full tang design and 3 stainless steel pins to add extra strength to the handle. A knife that is loose, is a bad knife.

Overall the Narihira is a nicely designed sushi knife that is less expensive than the other knives mentioned, which means it may not be as good as the others. Due to it being a double edged knife this may get in the way of cuts, however it will still get the job done.

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  • Great article! I appreciate all of the links!

    • Yeah, no problem Bryan! You have awesome info about sushi and sushi knives and I think our audience can benefit from you. 🙂

  • Dianne

    Thanks for your review & I love your video you attached too! I just purchased a Yoshihiro Shiroko knife. What whetstone would you suggest to keep this knife sharp?

    • You’re very welcome! I am glad you liked it 🙂

      I highly suggest the King two sided whetstone (http://amzn.to/1NOYR7T). It is about $30, but you want something high quality especially for the Shiroko. Please don’t get a cheap one, it will ruin the blade in the long run.

      Cheers! I will post a whetstone review on the website this following week as well, stay tuned!

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