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A Few Life Saving Reasons to Claim Your Free Wallet Knife

You’re probably wondering, huh… a free knife, why would they be offering it for free?

Allow me to explain… this knife is free because we realize that most people could use a knife in a dire situation such as…

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1. A Car Accident

The point of having a car is to get from point A to point B… but what most people don’t realize is that in a blink of an eye you could be in an accident.

There are countless stories of people being able to escape their burning cars because they had a knife to cut the seatbelt.

Imagine… you are caught upside in your car while it is smoking or about to start flaming and you don’t have a knife to cut the seatbelt… that is horrifying to imagine that you wouldn’t be able to escape all because you didn’t have a knife.

Cops had to use a knife to cut her seatbelt, and because of that the woman is safe.

Cops had to use a knife to cut her seatbelt, and because of that the woman is safe.

Woman Saved by Man with a Knife to Cut her Free

Or this story of a man named Jason Navarro was able to save a woman from a car that had flipped into a small pond of water that otherwise would have drowned the woman.

This is the car that the woman was caught in.

This is the car that the woman was caught in.

Due to Navarro having a knife on him he was able to cut her seatbelt and take her to safety… she would have died that day if it wasn’t for him and his knife.

A Baby Could Have Died if not for a Logger With a Knife

Or lastly how about if your (or someone’s) baby was caught in a sunken car but couldn’t be released from their seat due to the seatbelt being locked?

Imagine seeing your baby caught in this car, and you couldn't do anything to save it? :(

Imagine seeing your baby caught in this car, and you couldn’t do anything to save it? 🙁

Luckily a local logger (his name is Leo Moody) happened to be driving by and jumped right into action to help save the baby. Moody said in an interview that knives “come in handy, I guess. Monday night really proved it.”

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These few situations people were lucky because someone had a knife to save them… in the first example the woman would have been burned severely if not killed. In situation two the woman would have drowned, and lastly in situation three that baby would have drowned or died from hypothermia due to cold water.

2. Home Invasion

Home invasion is scary, what is even scarier is that most people don’t have a knife that is in close range distance to protect themselves or their family.

The video below shows a man who was able to fend off an armed robber from his store with a machete! Woah, a little scary if you look at it. The video has no audio, but it is a very intense scene.

That man would have lost a ton of money or even worse… his life if it wasn’t for his protection of having a machete.

3. Fending Off Wild Animals

Camping, surfing, hunting, hiking, etc. can be really fun and a great way to relax or doing something you enjoy in the great outdoors… however things can turn astray even in your own back yard.

Feral Dogs Attacking Child

For instance; this woman and her daughter were outside and all of a sudden her daughter says “mommy” and two pitbulls made a move towards the daughter.

knives can be used to fend off animals

Here’s the mom and daughter.

The mother reached for her daughter and put her on top of the hood of her car, but then the dogs turned towards the mother! Luckily her bull dog was there to help her.

As the three dogs entangled in a battle the mother ran for the nearest knife she had…

This is the kitchen knife used for attacking one of the dogs.

This is the kitchen knife used for attacking one of the dogs.

It was a kitchen knife. She reportedly stabbed one dog to death while the other ran away. It could have been a much worse situation if she had not had a knife by her.

Fending off Wild Bear While Hunting

man saved by knife

Or how about this man who was tracking down a wild black bear when all of a sudden the bear charged him and tackled him to the ground which snapped his arm and knocked him unconscious.

He woke up to a bear chewing on his hand! How scary would that be to wake up to?

Luckily he had a knife on him and he was able to use it to stab the bear multiple times thus scaring it away and saving his life.




All of these situations weren’t as bad as they could be due to someone having a knife with them! Imagine that? Don’t live your life in fear… however you should have a knife with you at all times for…

1. Protecting your family

2. Protecting yourself from wildlife, or being caught in something

3. Fending off intruders or protecting your home

4. Having a higher chance of survival during harsh situations 

That is why we are offering this wallet knife for free (besides shipping and handling). It can be a life saver and also something cool to talk about with your kids, friends or family.

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