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The Art of Keeping Avocado From Browning

how to keep avocados from browning

Ever wondered how to keep your avocado from browning? Well we did too. In fact it is frustrating to try and keep your avocado from browning and you end up with guests wondering if your avocado is okay.

On top of that, brown avocado doesn’t look that appetizing and tends to taste different, however with the video above you can definitely keep your avocados from browning and looking hideous to your guests.

The methods as described in the video are…

  1. Sealable baggie – one of the most common methods yet not that effective
  2. Olive oil – The underdog, a method that not a lot of people think about, but is pretty effective
  3. Lemon/Lime Juice – May add a lemony taste to your avocado but will get the job done
  4. Onion – This method seems to work the best out of all of them
  5. Water – Squishy and moist avocado is gross, and not that appetizing
  6. The control – Nothing… nuff’ said.

Overall, the onion method seemed to work the best, and is a practice that we use whenever we make guacamole or slice up avocados. It is a must try; however the second part to post is finding a good avocado… you cannot expect to make yummy and awesome guacamole without having good avocados.


How to Pick an Avocado That Isn’t Mushy

Here’s an awesome article about how to pick an avocado, which as the stages of ripening.

 1. Look at the Color of the Avocado

You don’t want one that is overly green, nor one that is dark brown or black. The best avocado will typically have no green if not just a few specks of green, and will look a brownish/black color.

Although color isn’t all that you need to know, because the most important thing to feel for is if the avocado gives way when you grip it.

2. Does it Mush Under Pressure?

This is pretty straight forward, you will want to grab the avocado and apply light pressure with your fingers.

If the avocado ends up mushing under the light pressure then it is either very ripe, or overripe, overall you will want to avoid avocados that are mush.

However, if you apply light pressure and it leaves a very small imprint of your finger then that is a perfect avocado; you will want the avocado to somewhat indent when you press on it because that means it is perfectly ripe and will be tasty for whatever treat you are making.

Lastly, if the avocado doesn’t indent at all then it is not ripe at all, or is slightly ripe and isn’t ready to be consumed. These are good if you want to buy some in advance and keep them in your refrigerator for a few days before using them.

Overall 2 Tips to Keep in Mind when Picking Avocados

Keep in mind that color is not always the perfect indication for picking an avocado, but does help with choosing one out.

The most important factor to consider is how squishy the avocado is…

  • Too squishy = Overly ripe or rotten
  • Indents after light pressure = perfectly ripened 
  • Doesn’t indent = Not ripe or best for keeping in your refrigerator for a few days before using

You should keep these tips in mind whenever choosing your avocados, and you can check out this post here about awesome chef knives that can help with cutting your avocado as well!

You can also read this very informative post on picking out avocados here(One of my favorites and could prove to be beneficial for you as well)

And if you guys have any other tips, then let us know in the comment section below. Go ahead and share this post with friends and family as well!

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