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How to Pick The Best Knife Metal That Will Last a Lifetime

best knife metal

When it comes to choose a knife you want to have one that will last a lifetime… this comes down to what kind of metal you have in the knife.

You see, if you purchase a lower quality blade it can be susceptible to rust, breakage, flimsiness and inability to stay sharp. These are all things you want to avoid when it comes to a knife, because if your knives rust, then it is a serious health risk.

If your knife breaks, well then you have to get a new one… if it is flimsy or dull then you risk the cutting yourself and also ruining your food that you cut.

We will share with you some of the most common knife blade metals and the benefits along with consequences of each metal.

You can check out this awesome chart about knife metals.

The Best Knife Metals

1. 420 Stainless Steel

This is one of the most commonly used metals for knife blades because it is inexpensive, and is also a strong, durable metal.

With this in mind, they tend to be easy to reshape, along with the fact that they retain an edge for a fairly decent amount of time makes it a good quality metal.

On top of this, it has decent resistance against corrosion, which is a must because using a rusty blade is not safe at all.

The main downfall though is that since it is not a high quality blade metal, which means that if you want a high quality knife, you won’t get it with this blade metal.

2. CPM S30V®

This is an American made engineered metal and is known for its high quality. It has some of the best corrosion resistance on the market, because it is designed to work in almost any situation.

On top of that it has a very high blade retention which means if you sharpen it, it will stay sharp for a very long time, On the other hand though, this also means that it will be harder to sharpen because it is made to last and keep its edge… however that is a minor flaw.

Lastly, since it is a much higher quality knife blade, it can also boost the prices of the knives thus making them more expensive. However it is better to spend money a higher quality blade than a cheap blade.

3. S30V

This is the counterpart to the CPM S30V, it is a high quality steel that contains carbon along with high amounts of chromium, molybdenum and vanadium. Which pretty much means it has added in elements to make it stronger, and more durable.

The steel is double tempered which gives any knife with the S30V steel higher durability and sharpness.

On top of that it does come with a higher resistance to corrosion because it is double tempered, however like its counterpart the CPM S30V it does take more effort to sharpen because of how hard of a metal it is.

4. 440A High Carbon Stainless Steel

This is a very comment high carbon stainless steel that is especially used for sushi and sashimi knives. The reason that it is used for sushi and sashimi knives is because the high carbon keeps food from sticking to the blade.

On top of that it is able to keep an edge very well, but you do sacrifice corrosion resistance, so with these kind of knives you have to make sure that you wash/clean them and then dry right away.

5. Carbon V®

Last but certainly not least is the Carbon V… It is one of the best knife metals out there because it is a low alloy, steel that is superior to most steels due to its chemistry and the way it is made.

Carbon V® knives will last for a long time due to its toughness, however this does make it harder to sharpen the knife because it is so hard. But I think that is a minor flaw, because we would rather have a blade that will last a lifetime, than a knife that could potentially break or be dull all of the time.

On top of that, it will make the knives more expensive because Carbon V® is an extremely high quality knife metal, but this is easily compensated by how long your knife will last.

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