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In Depth Review of the Columbia River Ken Onion Skinning Knife

Review of the Columbia River Ken Onion Skinning Knife

We really like the CRKT Ken Onion skinning knife; it’s simple, sharp and efficient at slicing (there’s a reason why we listed it as one of the best skinning knives for the money). Columbia River was established in Oregon of the year 1994; from then they have been known to create very good knives for prices that are great on your wallet; the knives are made in China and Taiwan, but that does not mean that they lack in quality.

Some people prefer their knives to be made in the US (which I am for) but that doesn’t mean that all knives made in China are horrendous.

On top of this CRKT teamed up with Ken Onion (a legendary knife maker) to make this skinning knife, which means that it is going to be high quality. You really cannot go wrong with this skinning knife.

Now, let’s move onto the review.

Analysis of the CRKT Ken Onion Skinning Knife

When you first grab a hold of the knife, you realize how lightweight it is; I don’t think the handle is slick at all. Which is great because I won’t lose my grip while using it.

Secondly, it is sharp out of the box: be careful when taking it out and don’t be dumb by trying to run your finger on the blade to see just how sharp the knife is, you will cut yourself.

Lastly, it is great at skinning; it has a 3/4 tang which isn’t as strong as a full tang knife, but reduces the weight of the knife. Which for skinning is a major bonus, because a lightweight knife means you can skin for longer periods of time and it isn’t as bulky.

Evaluating the Sharpness of the CRKT KO

First off the blade is crafted from K110 stainless steel; a upper grade metal in the D2 knife metal family that has very good edge retention and sharpness. You really can’t go wrong with the sharpness of this knife because it will slice right through your game or whatever you’re skinning.

That is reason why it has a 5.0 for sharpness, and especially for the price that you are getting this knife at it is practically a steel (see what I did there? ha.)

Evaluating the Durability of the CRKT KO

This knife has a high rating for durability as well; as mentioned the K110 stainless steel is an upper grade metal in the D2 knife metal family which means that it has very good edge retention. This is a major bonus because you won’t have to spend a ton of knife maintaining the knife and sharpening it. (You can check out the best knife sharpener here in case you need one)

One thing I should also mention is that the handle is very well crafted: the handle is double ejected molded for comfort and traction; although some have complained that it is a slick, but in general the knife is easy to grip.

Evaluating the Stability of the CRKT KO

As mentioned the CRKT KO is crafted with a 3/4 tang (you can read more about tangs here); not as strong as a full tang, but just as stable. We prefer the 3/4 tang because it reduces weight and bulkiness of the knife, which is the best route to go for skinning.

I will admit that the knife feels very good while skinning with it, and isn’t to be messed around with. You shouldn’t have to worry about the knife ever coming apart or breaking because of how well it is crafted.

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Overall Verdict of the CRKT KO Skinning Knife

It’s very well made with a very sharp edge that has a good handle to prevent slipping out of your hand. I really like this knife because it can slice right through meat and skin like butter.

I worry though that perhaps the knife handle will be a little slippery for some folks, but in general will make a great addition (or if it’s your first skinning knife) to your collection.

If you have any comments to add about this knife then feel free to leave a comment below!

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