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5 of the Best Oyster Knives to Instantly Shuck Oysters

best oyster knife

If you are someone like me who loves oysters then an oyster knife is important to have because it will make it a much better eating experience. I have built a comprehensive list of some of the best oyster knives I could find. However, let's explore a few things to keep in mind when choosing […] Read More

The Best Folding Knives the Market Has to Offer

Fixed blade knives are cool, however folding knives are great for many reasons, such as... Compact; can store them or carry them without them taking up to much room Don't have to worry about poking yourself on accident Can flip the knife out in front of your friends, thus feeling pretty cool With these in […] Read More

Looking for the Best Fishing Knife? Look No More

best fishing knife

Fishing is an excellent way to pass time, acquire food, bond with others or to make a living... whatever your reason may be, I know that having a great knife to aid you in your fishing is important for a few reasons... Killing fish efficiently Potentially fending off animals that could harm you Utility purposes (cutting […] Read More

Cutting Cheese The Right Way… With the Best Cheese Knife

best cheese knife

If you are looking for cheese graters then click here to see more on Amazon. Cheese is by far one of my favorite foods, in fact I just went to a small Bavarian town that has a small little shop called the Cheese Monger. Which, if you want to order cheese from them you can […] Read More

Christmas – 5 Knives You Must See for Any Knife Enthusiast

Knives are awesome, in fact knives are some of the oldest tools we have to date, dating all the way back to our oldest hominin ancestors of about 2 million years ago. They would grab rocks and use a method called percussion flaking which would then break the rocks into sharp pieces known as Oldowan tools. […] Read More

The Art of Keeping Avocado From Browning

how to keep avocados from browning

Ever wondered how to keep your avocado from browning? Well we did too. In fact it is frustrating to try and keep your avocado from browning and you end up with guests wondering if your avocado is okay. On top of that, brown avocado doesn't look that appetizing and tends to taste different, however with […] Read More