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Review of the Chef’s Choice 130 Professional Knife Sharpening System

Chef's Choice M130 Professional Knife Sharpener 

In-Depth Review of the Chef’s Choice 130 Professional Knife Sharpening System

When you first look at the Chef’s Choice, it doesn’t seem to be that extravagant, however it is one of the best electric knife sharpeners out on the market. It makes knife sharpening a breeze, because it comes with 3 stages that allow for you to take off any damage of the knife, sharpen it and then polish your knife making it look brand new. However it does have to be on the counter top and can get a bit annoying that you have to drag it out. Anyways we love this knife sharpener and we will share its positives and negatives.

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The Good: Can it sharpen your knife efficiently?

I am glad you asked, yes it can. This 3 stage 100% diamond abrasive that allows you to knock off any damage on the knife, then you sharpen it with the stage 2 sharpener, and then in the final stage you polish it. That’s the beauty of this sharpener, it does all 3 things that you need for a knife, because if you sharpen the knife while it has grime or rust built up, then you will be doing yourself a dis-service and could potentially ruin the knife.

It is a wonderful knife sharpener and is a tool that every professional and amateur cook should have by their side.

The Bad: A Little Clunky, and Takes Practice

We think that this knife sharpener is a little clunky because it takes up a counter space, and it does become a tedious task to have to take it out frequently. It is also about 5 lbs making it heavier than most sharpeners, which is a minor flaw. On top of that it does take a practice and time to get use to this sharpener, you need to read the manual before using it, because if you use it the wrong way you can ruin your knives.

Some people claimed that it would ruin the knives by scratching it, but this could be fixed if you make sure to read what kind of knives it sharpens and that you use the right technique. On top of this, you do sacrifice having complete control of the sharpening, which can lead to certain angles you did not want in your knife.

The price is also a little high, however because it is an electric sharpener it gives you convenience and quickness with sharpening.

The Design

best electric knife sharpeners

  • Type: Electric knife sharpener
  • Weight: 5 lbs
  • Features: 100% diamond abrasive, 3 stages, flexible stropping disk

Overall the design of the Chef’s Choice 130 is straight forward, with a simple on & off button, and a 3 stage system for giving you easy and efficient sharpening.

The only problem with the design is that, it doesn’t have a charming look, and it seems a bit clunky because it weights 5 lbs and it requires your counter top space in order to sharpen. However these are pretty minor flaws.

What’s the Verdict?

Chef’s choice 130 is made with high quality and can definitely make old knives feel brand new. However I do worry that with it that you will sacrifice control, but a ton of reviewers report that you can sharpen knives very efficiently and that you can edge knives any way that you want.

I really like the Chef’s Choice 130 because it is simply designed, and comes with a great warranty that will leave you happy and relieved to use it every time. And if you are just starting out with knife sharpening then an electric sharpener might be the best route because you don’t need to practice sharpening near as much.

The overall verdict: An excellent electric knife sharpener, that will make sharpening a breeze. Great for big collection of knives.

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  • Thank you for this great and in depth review of the chef’s choice knife sharpener. I have been looking to buy an electrical blade sharpener for a few days now, and was retreating and forward among the distinctive models that gourmet specialist’s decision have accessible –the M130 used to be my top pick,, but now as i run into this edgeselect option i am reconsidering. Thank you for all the work you put into this.

    • Yeah, just doing what I can for my audience! 🙂

      Yeah, edgeselect is another top choice as well! I should definitely review it in the neat future!

      thanks for the kind words.

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