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The Best Folding Knives the Market Has to Offer

Fixed blade knives are cool, however folding knives are great for many reasons, such as…

  1. Compact; can store them or carry them without them taking up to much room
  2. Don’t have to worry about poking yourself on accident
  3. Can flip the knife out in front of your friends, thus feeling pretty cool

With these in mind, I have comprised a list of some of the best folding knives that the market has to offer. These are the bestsellers on Amazon and have proved to be sharp and long term knives.

However, I wanted to share a few tips on picking the right folding knife for you!

3 Tips for Picking the Right Flipping Knife

1. Plain or Serrated Edge?

Depending on what you plan to do with the knife you would either want…

  1. Plain edge: great for push cuts or slicing and is easier to sharpen, but you sacrifice not being able to cut through rope, wires easily or anything that requires you to saw through something
  2. Serrated edge: great for saw cuts or pull cuts, but it is harder to sharpen serrated blades and isn’t good if you need clean/smooth cuts.

We suggest that you use a plain edge if you do more jobs that require clean, push cuts. While on the other hand you should use a serrated edge if you are needing to saw through material such as rope, wire or to cut your bread.

2. How Big of Should the Knife Be?

Smaller knives…

  • Pros: Compliant with knife laws and easier to carry around
  • Cons: Not as versatile as larger knives 

Larger knives…

  • Pros: Longer range of motion for cutting, great for self-defense, and can cut through more material than smaller knives
  • Cons: Heavier/bulkier, could be illegal depending on local laws, could be scary to other folks

It’s all up to you and what you would need; I personally use a 3″ tanto pocket knife. Gets the job done and doesn’t get in the way.

3. Pick a Good Brand

I always stick to the best names of the knife game; Buck, Kershaw, Cold Steel, SOG, Spyderco are all very good knife companies. However, I do list other knives in this post that are by other companies, but I only choose good folding knives. So don’t worry about buying a poor quality knife.

You can also read this very comprehensive guide on picking a pocket knife. Highly recommend you read it.

The Ultimate and Comprehensive List of the Best Folding Knives

1. SOG Specialty Knives & Tools FF38-CP Fielder Knife with Straight Edge Folding

IF you are looking for a REALLY NICE pocket knife for general everyday use at a good price that is backed by a solid name you CAN’T go wrong with this blade” – Amazon Reviewer

The SOG knife is an excellent folding knife that is crafted from 7CR17 steel; it is a high quality metal that is known for edge retention and durability. With this knife you won’t have to worry to much about sharpening your knife. It is also very sharp with a 3.3″ knife, making it short but also very effective.

On top of this, it is has an ergonomic G-10 handle that is lightweight yet textured to give you traction with the grip. Don’t worry about this knife slipping out of your hand while using it.

The only thing this knife lacks is assisted opening, which means you need to be careful when you flip this knife open.

2. Kershaw 3890 Scrambler Folding Knife

Up next is the Kershaw Scrambler folding knife; a simple yet effective knife with SpeedSafe assisted opening. If you are needing a knife that you can whip out in no time and get the job done then you don’t need to look no more.

The Scrambler is crafted from 8Cr13MoV steel with titanium carbo-nitride coating; the titanium coating gives Scrambler protection from rust and corrosion while the steel has qualities of long edge retention and sharpness.

This knife also has a G-10 handle which will give you a good grip while feeling comfortable in your hand.

3. Smith & Wesson SWFR First Response Knife

The S&W first response knife makes for a really good knife that is easy on your wallet. It is a simply designed knife crafted from stainless steel. It also comes with a seat belt cutter and window punch, making it a great knife to keep in your car or on any camping trip.

It comes with a pocket clip attached to it which means that it will stick in your pocket without it slipping out. The only downfall of the knife is that it is stainless steel knife which means that it can rust or corrode easily.

So if you do get this knife then you need to keep it from accumulating moisture on it.

4. Ontario 8750 XM-1 Plain Edge Folder

The Ontario folding knife has a more thick profile but don’t let that fool you for being a clunky knife. It is very well designed and has an excellent grip that is ergonomically shaped for your comfort.

This knife is crafted from N690Co stainless steel which means that this knife will be able to withstand years of use without breaking, chipping or falling apart. One of the best things about this knife is that it can be used whether you are left or right handed. Boo-yah!

It is at a higher price point, but you won’t have to worry about buying knives to replace this one because it is a premium knife.

5. Cold Steel 27TLT Recon I Tanto Point


Sturdy, sharp and very well designed” – Amazon Reviewer

Cold steel is one of my favorite brands of knives besides Kershaw, because they make high quality knives that are sharp and durable.

This Cold Steel tanto folding point is a stainless steel knife that is made for getting the job done. It is a bit larger than the other knives listed, but it is very high quality and flips open very quickly.

The last feature I like about this knife is that it does have a reversible belt clip; making it great for transporting around. You can take this knife any where, any time.

6. Columbia River M16-10KZ Black Folding Knife

Great little knife, sharp and does not take up too much space in my pocket.” – Amazon Reviewer

The Columbia River Knife; a surprisingly sharp knife out of the box that packs a real punch. You won’t have to worry about sharpening this knife when it comes out of the box because Columbia River prides in taking care of their customers and delivering awesome knives.

This knife comes with an AutoLAWK patented automatic flipping mechanism which allow for quick and seamless flipping without having to sacrifice safety.

To sum up, it is a smaller folding knife, yet is very effective and capable of cutting through just about anything. Giving the CRK the most bang for your buck.

7. Spyderco Tenacious G-10 Handle Folding Plain Edge Knife


Razor sharp out of the box and holds an edge well” – Amazon Reviwer

Spyderco is one of my other favorite knife brands; this knife is very sharp, durable, simple and efficient at slicing through just about anything.

You really can’t go wrong with this knife because of how well made it is. It’s crafted from 8CR13MOV steel which makes it very durable and holds it’s edge very nicely. I always hated having a knife that I had to sharpen a lot because it was a pain to sharpen my knives.

With this knife you won’t have to worry about sharpening it all of the time. A clean knife that is great for everyday usage thus giving you the a ton of bang for your buck.


These are all great folding knives that can get the job done for you; just comes down to you and picking the right one for yourself.

I really like the Cold Steel and Spyderco, but that is just my opinion. Go ahead and read the reviews of these knives and enjoy!

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  • Thank you for this great and in depth review of the best folding knives. I have been looking to buy a folding knife for two or three days now and was backpedaling and forward among the distinctive models have accessible – the Columbia stream M16-10KZ Black collapsing Knife used to be my top pick. Much obliged to you for all the work you put into this.

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