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Top Knife Sites

If you are interested in finding other review & general purpose knife sites then you have come to the right place. Who knows what you may find in this treasure trove of information. You may even find something yee’ like. Anyways, we put together a great list of websites that can help you with finding more or better knives for your collection and uses. Some are shops, some are blogs. Some are both. But they are all awesome! So take a look, who knows what you may find and enjoy!

Kitchen Knife Guru

Kitchen Knife Guru is ran by Nate Ouderkirk who is thee kitchen knife guru. He has a ton of information and knowledge on kitchen knives which can be very useful to you because you can finally find the right kitchen knife for you! What we really like about his website is that he teaches everything from how to maintenance your kitchen knife to how to pick a chef’s knife and on top of that he is just a nice guy! It is a truly awesome resource for finding a great kitchen knife. And he is also just a great guy.

ML Knives

ML Knives is ran by Matt Lesniewski, and he is actually the guy who makes the awesome knives that are on the website. He is excellent at forging/crafting knives and if you want a knife that is sharp, unique and overall just awesome this is the place for you. However he is the knife maker, so his knives are custom made and built when you order. Other than that, excellent website for getting awesome knives.

Knife Center

Knife center is a massive resource for almost any knife you can find. I mean they have kitchen knives all the way through survival, really the sky is the limit with their website. What makes them awesome, is that they have exceptional service and take care of their customers. Oh and one of the main features that is super cool about their website is that they have a brand directory that list over 300 brands! Wow-Zah! Talk about a ton of brands.

Knives and Survival

Knives and Survival is a pretty cool website that is ran by Ryan and is a great resource for finding a survival knife. There are a ton of survival knife websites, but overall we really liked his the most because of how personable he is and the exceptional reviews and information he gives out. He is a genuine and nice dude who knows a lot about survival knives and he has built one of the best resources for finding the best survival knife.

Pocket Knife Blog

The Pocket Knife Blog is ran by Scott Rauber, who talks everything about pocket knives. He also buys and resells pocket knives on eBay and has a great deal of knowledge on pocket knives. If you are looking for a place to get your next pocket knife, this is the best resource you can go to for finding a pocket knife! Scott takes a lot of time to provide value to his audience, and he only delivers great content on pocket knives.

My Ceramic Knives

My Ceramic Knives is an awesome website for finding out about the best ceramic knives. What we love about their website is that it has a super clean design that is user friendly and they really give awesome reviews about ceramic knives that are easy to read and are very informative. We think they are a top notch website for finding ceramic knives and is a must check out if you want a ceramic knife!


BladeMag is a long standing knife community filled with a ton of people who love knives. The editorial team and writers of BladeMag take a lot of time and effort to curate a ton of great information for you when it comes to picking out knives and finding awesome knives. What I really like about BladeMag is that they have a knife collecting page that covers everything about collectible knives. This is a must check out website.

Knives – Blog

Knives – Blog is a great resource for reading reviews about knives. They really put a lot of effort and information into their reviews and take their time explaining information and overall answering questions that you may have. They are one of our favorites because of how simple and to the point they are!

Knife Depot

Knife Depot is another excellent resource for purchasing a knife. What I really like about them is that they have over 10,000 knives in stick and they are the epitome of excellent customer service. They really provide you with a ton of information that will guide you into purchasing the right knife for you. They also have a cool knife blog that features some awesome knives. They overall just have a great website that is a huge shopping resource for knives.