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What is The Best Chef Knife?

Finding a good chef’s knife can be difficult, especially if you have never had a good quality one. There are tons of different chef knifes, and it can be a bit overwhelming trying to find out which one, truly is the best. Like I have you probably started out with a chef knife that ended up going dull in a month, and would squish everything you tried to cut.

I feel like finding the right chef knife, is vital to your happiness in the kitchen. If you have a knife that doesn’t fit well in your hand and doesn’t slice well, then man you are in for some tough times. However if you find that right chef knife that fits perfectly and you can slice through tomatoes as smoothly as a Mozart played the piano… then you are in kitchen heaven.

Disclaimer on Our List

This is not by any means a comprehensive list. There are tons of great chef knives out there. If you would like more information you can visit Spanganga, or Kitchen Knife guru, both which are excellent resources.

However, we did want to give you a few good options. These chef knives have different price points and styles. With any luck you can certainly find a chef knife that will fit your needs and desires.

If we missed a chef knife that you absolutely adore, then let us know in the comment section below!

The Complete Buyer’s Guide for Finding the Best Chef Knife

Victorinox 8-inch Chef Knife $4.3/5
Wusthof Chef Knife $$$4.8/5
Shun Chef Knife $$$$5/5
Victorinox 10-inch Chef Knife $4.5/5
Victorinox Rosewood 8-inch Chef Knife $$5/5

The Classic: Victorinox Swiss Classic 8″ Chef’s Knife

Victorinox has been in the chef knife game for quite some time and has a strong reputation when creating chef knives. This knife is simple, but is deadly when it comes to slicing open your tomatoes and onions.

¤ Price: The Victorinox chef knife is priced at a measly $38… which is a bargain, because you get a knife that is tried and true and will stand the test of time. Most knives made of this quality are going to be charged around $50-$60.

¤ Longevity & Sharpness: If you need a knife that will last a long time (5 or more years) and will continually slice smoothly without a doubt then this is the knife for you. On top of that, you don’t need to sharpen the chef knife a lot. This knife also comes with a lifetime warranty. (Yay!)

¤ Grip & Handling: Need a knife that is easy to grip without worrying that it will slip in your handle? No problem. The Victorinox sports a patented Fibrox handles that are slip resistant and shaped to move seamlessly with your hand. Heck you may even forget that you are even holding it! (Don’t do that… ha)

The Smooth: Wusthof Classic Cook’s Knife

Wusthof Classic Multi-Prep Cook's KnifeThe Wusthof Cook’s knife is a pricier knife, but it is justified by it’s price because it is one of the most top quality knives you can get and comes with a lifetime warranty. Wusthof is know for quality, and this is one of the most exemplified knives of their collection. (You can read a more in-depth review here)

¤ Price: The Wusthof cook’s knife is a bit more expensive than most… but when you pay a higher price for a knife you also get a higher quality, sharper and smooth knife. Just think of it as an investment and that you won’t have to purchase another chef knife in the next 10 years… if not 20.

¤ Longevity & Sharpness: A knife that lasts a long time is a good knife… and a knife that lasts a long time and stays sharp is an even better knife. The Wusthof cook’s knife is very sharp and gives some of the cleanest cuts you can get from a knife. On top of that, it has been reported to last over 10 years, how amazing is that?! (Oh and it is dishwasher safe)

¤ Grip & Handling: The handle of the Wusthof is has 3 ridges which allows your hand to be able to firmly grip the knife, and if you are cutting for a few minutes, then no problem! The knife is very comfortable, and won’t cause your hand to get sore.

The Bold: Shun Classic Chef’s Knife

Shun Classic Chef's KnifeThe Shun Chef’s Knife is one of the most premium chef knives you can get on the market. The price may be a higher than basic chef knives, however with price comes extreme quality and sharpness. Oh and not mention but it does come with a limited lifetime warranty. The Shun does come in different sizes as well, so don’t feel limited to size.

¤ Price: The Shun Chef’s knife is on the upper end of chef knives, however if you pay more for a knife you will see that difference in quality and sharpness. On top of that, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty, which means as long as you don’t bang it with a hammer and warp it, then it will be replaced. Which means you don’t have to purchase another one… for a lifetime! (Awesome!)

¤ Longevity & Sharpness: This knife doesn’t play games. It can be used for professional and personal usage, which is a plus if you are a chef. But if you are the regular cook at home person, that is okay, because the Shun cook’s knife will slice and dice whatever you need cut up. Oh and as long as you sharpen this knife regularly, then it will last for a very long time. I am sure you could get over 10 years with this knife.

¤ Grip & Handling: The Shun sports a grip that is black laminated PakkaWood D-shaped which gives you the ability to grip the knife without it slipping out of your hand. Oh and it is super comfortable and can be used for 5,10,15 minutes at a time.

The Beautiful: Victorinox 8-Inch Chef’s Knife, Rosewood Handle

Victorinox 8 Inch Chef's Knife, Rosewood Handle

The Victorinox Rosewood Handle Chef Knife is a sleek, and elegant chef knife. The rosewood handle makes the knife look aesthetic and gives it a personal flare to make it stand out from the rest of your knives.

¤ Price: This knife is a bargain, because it is priced at $41.00. Which is a positive for you, because you can get a knife that looks good, and cuts smoothly all for a low price of $41. Doesn’t get much better than that.

¤ Longevity & Sharpness: Need a knife that will stay sharp and true to you throughout time? Then this is the knife for you. The Rosewood handle knife sports a High carbon stainless-steel blade, which means it will stay sharp for months, and doesn’t require a ton of sharpening. On top of that, this knife is reported to last a very long time, and can also slice through a melon no problem. It also comes with a lifetime warranty.

¤ Grip & Handling: Having good grip on a knife is as important as a professional marathon runner having legs. Get what I mean? The Victorinox Rosewood chef knife has a classic handle that is riveted for your comfort and stability. You won’t lose your grip again with a knife if you choose the rosewood handle knife.

The Simple: Victorinox 10-Inch Chef’s Knife

Victorinox 10 inch chef knife
 I know, you may be getting the hint by now that Victorinox creates some of the best chef knives, but I wanted to add this last knife in because I wanted to prove to you that Victorinox creates knives that are excellent and are not pricey.

¤ Price: The price you ask? Not bad at all. $34 is all this knife is priced at. Wow-zah! Not bad at all, I know. But the price points of the Victorinox is low, and is great for you if you are on a budget but are in need of a new chef knife.

¤ Longevity & Sharpness: This knife sports a high carbon stainless-steel blade that is stamped from cold-rolled steel, which means that it is easy to sharpen and also gives it the traits of lasting for a long time. How great is that?! This may be a basic knife, but it can get the job done and will last you for years to come.

¤ Grip & Handling: A knife with a poor grip is a bad knife… but a knife with a good grip is a great knife! This knife has a patented Fibrox handle which feels awesome in your handle and gives you full control of the knife. No longer will you over or under cut your cheese!

Final Thoughts

These are all solid choices, however a higher price means you will get more value. It all depends on what you are comfortable with. Personally I would probably choose the Wusthof or the Rosewood Victorinox just because they are efficient, and look nice, but also have a median price point that doesn’t break the bank.


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  • Thank you for this great and in depth review of the best Chef Knife.It’s really a great and helpful piece of information. I am satisfied that you simply shared this helpful info with us and helping me to get a clear understanding of what I should be thinking about and considering for my first best Chef Knife purchase.Thanks and keep up the good work.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for sharing nice post. My own point of view, “Shun Classic Chef’s Knife” is excellent knife. Lightweight and very strong. It doesn’t need to be constantly sharpened and the balance is impeccable. I have always dreamed of owning one of these because of all the rave reviews from fellow chefs and now that I have one, I can see why they went nuts over this.

    Kayla Robey

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