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Wow, These are the Best Steak Knives

You have been trying to find steak knives that are made up of top quality metal, that will slice right through your meat, and anything else that you throw at them. You can spend $20 on steak knives sets or even $40 but they won’t be that great of quality. In your search for finding not only the best steak knives, but also steak knives that you love and will use every day, you need to find some that are high quality, fit well in your hand, and are not crazy expensive.

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The Definitive Guide to the Best Steak Knives Chart

PictureKnifeSerrated or Plain EdgePriceRating
PictureKnifeSerrated or Plain EdgePriceRating
Wüsthof Classic Steak Knife Set, 4-Piece Plain$$$$4.9/5
Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Gourmet High-Carbon Stainless Steel Steak Knives, Set of 4 Serrated$$4..6/5
Ego Chef Crimson Series Steak Knife, Set of 4 Plain$$$$4.7/5
Wusthof Gourmet 4-Piece Steak Knife Set Plain $$4.8/5
Victorinox Cutlery 6-Piece Steak Knife Set Serrated$$4.5/5
J.A. Henckels International Stainless Steel 8-Piece Steak Knife Set Serrated$4.3/5
Guy Fieri Knuckle Sandwich 4-Piece Steak Knife Set Serrated & Plain$$$4.4/5
Ginsu Chikara Japanese Steak Knives Plain$4.4/5
Chicago Cutlery 4-Piece Basics Steakhouse Knife Set Plain$4.2/5
Global GSF-4023 - 4 Piece Steak Knife Set Plain$$$$4.6/5

What is a Steak Knife?

Steak knives were invented way back in the Medieval times and probably before that. However for history’s and your sake the common steak knife was invented in 1829, France in a small town called Laguiole by a man named Jean-Pierre Calmels and the knife was named the Laguiole knife. Obviously throughout time the designs and shapes of the first steak knife but changed, but the Laguiole knife was the first stepping stone to creating the mass produced steak knife that we see today.


Now in days you can either purchase cheap steak knives that are hard to sharpen or will breakdown easier, or you can purchase a set of steak knives that are $100-$200 that are much higher quality and could last a lifetime.

Advantages of a Steak Knife

Aside from being able to cut steak they can…

¤ Be used for cutting up other food such as onions, tomatoes, chicken, pork, really any other food. If you get a superior set of steak knives they will last a long time and can be used for cutting other food.

¤ Designed specifically for steak, so if you are a steak lover then these are great for you, especially if you get a really good set of steak knives they will last for a lifetime and cut through steak with 1-2 strokes.

¤ You will just look cool, I mean think about it, if you have friends over and see how nice your steak knives are, they are bound to mention “Wow, these are awesome steak knives, where did you get them?!” And you will feel really awesome.

How do I find a rock solid steak knife?

  1. The sharpness – if you have steak knives that take 5-10 strokes to cut your meat, you are doing it wrong. Sharpness is the most important thing we look for.
  2. The durability – A knife that is sharp is only good if it lasts for a long time. I know you want a knife that will last for 5-10 or more years.
  3. The stability – A knife that is wobbly or shaky while you use it, can lead to you hurting yourself or worse it breaking. Plus you want something that fits really well in your hand.
  4. The price – We don’t like to have price come in the way, unless it is $100 a steak knife (per knife), because that is crazy expensive. Some prices may be overtop for some people, so that is why we included some knives that are at a higher price point and a lower price point.

Top 5 Steak Knife Set Reviews

Any of these would be an awesome buy. Much of it though comes down to personal preference. Like with any product, you get what you pay for. You can get really nice steak knives if you are willing to spend a decent amount of cash, but there are also really great products in every price range.

Wüsthof Classic Steak Knife Set, 4-Piece

Wusthof Classic Steak knives, 4 - piece

Wusthof knows how to make knives, and the Wusthof classic steak knife set is one of the premium knife sets you can get on the market, they are pricey, but they are well worth it, because you get knives that are razor sharp and come with a lifetime guarantee… AKA you will never have to worry about ever getting steak knives again.

Just how sharp are they? Sharp enough to slice through a rib eye in one, easy stroke. Seriously, they make cutting through a 3-4 inch feel like you are cutting through butter with a hot blade. They make it at the #1 spot because they are literally some of the sharpest steak knives you can get. The blade is precision forged, which gives the knives bolsters to add durability and balance to the blade. Balance is everything for the blade, because without balance you wouldn’t be able to cut through your meat as easily.

What about the durability and grip? So good that you won’t ever have to get another steak knife set. These knives are known for lasting a lifetime, seriously… that is why they have a lifetime guarantee. And the handles are traditional-style triple riveted which gives you complete control of every slice and movement you make with the Wusthof steak knives, never worry about dropping your knife again or it wobbling around on you. Flimsy knives are knives not worth having in your kitchen.

Wusthof’s classic steak knives are pricey, but as mentioned are wealth worth the price. They take the top spot because they are simply designed to cut through anything without breaking a sweat or feeling frustrating that it takes 5-10 strokes to cut through your steak, chicken, pork or even onions.

Wusthof Gourmet 4-Piece Steak Knife Set

best steak knives

Up next is another set of the Wusthof’s knives, however these are the moderately priced companions to the Classic Wusthof steak knives. Does this mean they are less quality? Yes, but they are still some of the top steak knives you can get on the market. They do come with a limited lifetime warranty as well, which protects against manufacturer defects.

The Wusthof gourmet steak knives blades are laser-precision cut from steel sheets, which means you do not have bolsters in them. (Bolsters add the balance and durability to the blade) however they are perfectly shaped for cutting because they are laser-precision cut. If you want a knife that will slice right through a porterhouse, man you have found the one. Heck you might even find yourself taking them to steak houses (once you go Wusthof, you never go back.)

Oh but wait, what about the durability and stability of the knife? Since the Wusthof gourmet steak knives do not have bolsters in them, you will be sacrificing a little bit of the balance and control of the knife, however this doesn’t mean that you cannot cut through knives. The handle is triple riveted, allowing your hand to comfortably wrap around the handle and giving you a feeling of euphoria because you know that you can guide your blade right through the steak. On top of that they are made by Wusthof, which almost guarantee that you will be left with complete control of the knife.

Overall, a solid set of knives that are perfect for cutting thick steaks right in half. Without the bolsters though, they may lack some durability and require a bit more sharpening then the Wusthof classic steak knives.

Victorinox Cutlery 6-Piece Steak Knife Set

Victorinox 48792 Cutlery 6-peice Steak Knife Set

The Victorinox steak knives come in 3rd due to being good quality, and having a limited lifetime warranty. They are definitely for simple and are a good set to have in your kitchen if you cannot afford the Wusthof steak knives.

Hold on, if they are “Good” quality, are they sharp? Yes, they are sharp, however, they are not as sharp as the Wusthof’s… the reason being is they are stamped from stainless steel sheets… stamping knives makes them less expensive but you do sacrifice sharpness due to it being stamped. It is always better to purchase knives that are precision forged, however if you don’t have the dough to pay for knife sets for $100+ then this will do.

Wait a second, what about durability and stability? I am glad you asked, they are durable because they are high-carbon stainless steel, but as mentioned they are stamped. And without them being forged they lack a bolster (gives durability, stability and balance) so this may be troublesome, however they are crafted by Victorinox, so the quality will still be up there among the Wusthof gourmet knives.  they may also require more maintenance, however that can be solved with getting great knife sharpeners!

Overall, the Victorinox’s are good quality, but lack stability and durability. They will last for years but will require more maintenance.

J.A. Henckels International Stainless Steel 8-Piece Steak Knife Set

best steak knives set

The J.A. Henckels steak knives hit number 4 because they are less expensive, they do stain, and are overall decently sharp. The grip is also straightedge which without rivets may be hard for some people to use.

What about the sharpness? They do lack a little bit with sharpness, but are still sharp enough to cut your steak. They will take a few strokes to cut through your steak, but they will get the job done. The blade is from regular stainless steel which claims to be corrosion resistant, however upon further inspection some people have found that it did corrode a little bit. But that can happen if you leave them in water to long, or leave them wet on your counter for hours which allows for them to oxidize and rust.

Hold on, hold on, what about the durability and stability? The knife is a full tang one piece, which means it could have better stability than two piece knives, however it lacks a bolster. Without a bolster it could lack in balance and stability, but this is what you get or a $40 knife set.

Overall, a great set of knives if you have a low budget for purchasing knives, but if you have a bigger budget, or are a knife enthusiast then I suggest grabbing the Wusthof classic knives above.

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Gourmet Steak Knives

Zwilling Henckels Steak knife set

Last but certainly not least are the Zwilling steak knives, they are nicely made and are laser-precision edged which gives them a sharp edge and also come with a lifetime warranty against defects, and they are dishwasher safe.

These knives are sharp and the blade is crafted from a high-carbon stainless steel sheet, but they are very thin. Which is good for slicing through steak and meat, but thinness can also correlate to being a bit wobbly. That is the main worry with the blade is that it might be a little flimsy. However it is sharp, so cutting isn’t a problem.

The handle of these knives have been told to sometimes fall off of the blade, which is a big no-no, because a knife without a handle is like a kayak without a paddle. However the knife handle is triple riveted which is nice because triple riveted handles tend to be more stable and give you more control. On top of this the durability is good, but not great. They need to go through maintenance quite a bit, and sometimes the handles will fall off, but that only happens with a very small set of them.

Overall these are good knives, but what they lack is longevity. You can get the sharpest knives in the world, but if they don’t last then they suck.

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